Small Round Hut 15mm

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Small round stone huts like these were used by nearly every population living in mediterranean Europe, and are still commonly found (sometimes still in use) in the countryside. They are generally built by farmers as shelters and for storage, but there are many examples of similar circular structures identified as covered wells or even as primitive shrines. This model is based on accurate archaeological evidence and it is a very realistic and highly detailed reproduction.The model is about 26 mm (1 inch) wide at the bottom and 30 mm tall. In 1/100 (the scale roughly equivalent to 15mm) that is over two and half meters of diameter and three meters high. The edge of the roof is about 4 meters across. There are examples of this kind of construction commonly scattered across southern Spain and Italy, Greece, Illiria, and all Eastern Mediterranean. It is also suitable as a small Celtic or Pict hut.

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  • Model: Ba 15HUT
  • Manufactured by: Baueda

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