Artillery emplacement expansion pack for HOP1

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Artillery emplacement expansion pack for HOP1
This emplacement include a single extra deep embankment element with his stockade and allow you to place an artillery base or any other particularly deep base like hordes right to the top of the rampart. As such if you play DBM is only really useful used in conjunction with HOP1-b corners. It can be used with round corners and next to another similar emplacement, but for the best visual appeal we suggest to use a shallow embankment between these. The pack include both the modules required to make the emplacement: 1 x 15FOR-L and 1 x 15FOR-D. keep in mind that the deeper embankment while perfectly legal under DBM will reduce the space available for baggage inside a camp! PLEASE NOTE that this set counts as one TF element in DBM terms.

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  • Model: Ba Hop1-d
  • Manufactured by: Baueda

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